Workshops to help your team understand your best-fit customers

Get clarity on how to tackle your positioning, messaging, and ongoing discovery efforts, so your team can spend less time spinning their wheels and more time reaching the right audience.

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If your team is…

Constantly throwing best-guess messaging up against a wall to see what sticks with only wasted ad spend to show for it

Struggling to figure out what types of customer research you need to be doing (or what to do with the research you have) to make a dent in your bottom line

Feeling stuck and frustrated on how to position your offerings in a way that maximizes conversions without sacrificing the relationship with your customers

… it’s time to get everyone moving in the same direction with a strategy that works.

Team workshops are dedicated sessions for troubleshooting, question answering, and uncovering how to make your products unforgettable in the eyes of your best-fit customers.

Workshops for startups and established brands


positioning & messaging

Discover what sets your product apart and how best to communicate your value with the help of my tested messaging framework.


Customer interviews

Set your team up for success by learning the best questions to ask to make the biggest gains in your product messaging.


Value gap assessment

Get a roadmap to what and where the roadblocks to value are for your customers — and ways you can leverage what you learn in your messaging. 

Interested in another topic or Q & A session? Let me know, and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

What’s included in your session?

A 2-hour consulting call with your team

We’ll hop on a live call, via Zoom. Expect the bulk of the workshop to be interactive and tailored to your business challenges.

Post-workshop review

You’ll get a bullet-point review of our call with insights, takeaways, and a list of action items to keep you moving forward. Plus, you’ll get access to any templates and tools referenced.

Link to a recording of our call

You’ll be able to access the recording in Dropbox so you don’t have to spend the call madly taking notes.

Power up your team’s messaging-focused research skills and start getting actionable customer insights in no time.