Convert and retain more of your best-fit customers

From highly targeted messaging assessments to full-scale messaging roadmaps, get research-driven recommendations and expert advice geared towards driving customer success and improving your bottom line.    

Research + Strategy

Funnel Messaging Audit

Pinpoint why you’re losing customers and get a plan to improve your messaging ROI

Dip your toe into the warm, rewarding waters of real customer research. We’ll talk about what’s working (or not) when converting new customers or retaining existing ones after looking at your customer research and conducting our own based on your needs and goals.

With a Funnel Messaging Assessment, you’ll discover:

    Which areas of your website or retention funnels are likely losing you
    customers, sales, trust, or all three

    How to plug those leaks with better UX, higher-converting copy, and strategic offers

    What tasks to prioritize as you implement our recommendations and guidance for moving forward 

    And you’ll receive:

    Tailor-made feedback specific to your marketing and business goals

    Recommendations based on voice of customer research, heuristic analysis, and conversion principles

    UX and copy-related testing ideas 

    Choose a Funnel Messaging Assessment when…

    You want to tackle one key portion of the customer journey — namely your sales, lead generation, or retention funnel — and answer a burning revenue-related question.

    Messaging Strategy Roadmap

    Get a research-backed game plan for delivering the messages that engage, convert, and retain your customers for the long haul.

    Itching to get started on the whole enchilada?

    Let’s discover what truly makes your customers tick, the messages they need to see, and when they need to see them, from acquisition to loyal brand advocates. 

    In this deep-dive messaging evaluation, we’ll conduct an extensive voice of customer research process to discover your business-critical messages throughout the customer journey.

     You’ll get answers to questions like… 

    Feature value: What features and aspects of the product do customers care most about? What do they care least about? And how are those features tied to the benefits of using them?

    Quantified value propositions: What value messaging drives your customers through the sales and marketing funnel?

    Messaging/market fit: Who are your ideal target audiences from a messaging perspective? Think personas you’ll actually use.

    Roadblocks: Where are the roadblocks throughout the customer journey? How does your current messaging at critical points in the journey compare with the research findings?

    Competitor messaging: How does your messaging stack up to the competition? Are there opportunities to differentiate you from the pack?

    And you’ll come away with a messaging roadmap to help your team deliver a relevant and cohesive narrative across all your marketing campaigns.   

    Choose a Messaging Strategy Roadmap when…

    You want a core end-to-end messaging strategy document you can leverage on your website, in your product messaging, in your sales presentations, emails, and all your marketing collateral.


    Team Workshops

    Get clarity on tackling your positioning, messaging, and ongoing discovery efforts, so your team can spend less time spinning their wheels and more time reaching the right audience.

    Team workshop topics include:

    Positioning and Messaging

    Discover what sets your product apart and how best to communicate your value with the help of my tested messaging framework.

    Customer Interviews

    Set your team up for success by learning the best questions to ask to make the biggest gains in your product messaging.

    Value Gap Assessment

    Get a roadmap to what and where the roadblocks to value are for your customers — and ways you can leverage what you learn in your messaging. 

    Choose a Team Workshop when…

    You want dedicated time on your team’s calendar for troubleshooting, question answering, and uncovering how to make your products unforgettable in the eyes of your best-fit customers.

    Jennifer gave us the retention strategy that our business desperately needed. Our entire customer service experience was redesigned using Jennifer’s recommendations and now our business is thriving like never before! The ideas we were given have opened up countless other doors and ways to improve our customer experience.

    Tyler Schiller – Warwick Schiller Performance Horsemanship

    What sums up the Jennifer Havice experience best is that I have used her services for years, and have referred over a dozen people to her. You only do that with people doing excellent work. Jennifer brings a level of professional and detail-oriented work that sets her apart. She does in-depth research, understands the audience, and then writes copy that speaks to our audience (all while converting them into customers). Best of all, she stays on top of it all to ensure we get maximum returns.

    Sol Orwell – Founder,

    Our site needed to tell our story, but we didn’t know how best to go about that. So after searching for weeks trying to find a copywriter who could hook me, I came across Jen and her book. I literally couldn’t put her book down until I finished it. It was so concise and to the point that I enjoyed it better than Sugarman’s book. I knew instantly she had to write my copy. If you need someone to help get into the mindset of your customer so you can show them exactly why they need your product, then Jen’s your perfect match.

    Brian Stull – Co-Founder, CalcWorkshop