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Offering out of the box packages and custom engagements

Conversion Copy Review

A package to review your copy and sales funnel

When you know your copy is missing the mark and you’re losing visitors but don’t know why, choose a review. 

You’ll get a detailed assessment of the copy and key usability issues on the main pages of your site or sales funnel with actionable takeaways you can apply.

Customer Insights

Research packages designed to help you understand your customers and improve your messaging

Getting insights from real, live customers is the straightest path to better marketing and copy.

That’s why I’ve developed a qualitative research package designed to help you better understand why your customers aren’t buying and give you recommendations for changes to test.

Conversion Copywriting

Custom copy engagements based on customer insights

When you know what makes your customers tick, your copy and how it’s laid out on the page has a much better chance of performing well.

Every copy engagement starts with a research phase so you’ll get copy that not only delights your visitors but inspires them to take action on your site.

What other happy clients have to say about working with me…

I was impressed by how Jen was able to get to the core of our message as quickly as she did. Her ability to present complex material in a comprehensive, yet readable way is helping us reach our goals of generating more leads and becoming thought leaders in our industry.

Stas Udotov – Founder of D.Workz Interactive

“Jen has been, hands down, one of my favorite writers to work with. As the editor of ConversionXL, a site that demands in-depth research, case studies, and practical application in almost every article, Jen was easily able to produce high quality content in her first draft. Not only does she know her stuff but practically everything involved with the writing process. I couldn’t recommend someone strongly enough. Jen is a pleasure to work with, and the quality of her work is simply amazing.”

Tommy Walker
Tommy Walker, Online Marketing Strategist at Shopify