Conversion and Retention Woes Getting You Down?

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Stop losing leads and subscribers from your website, onboarding, or nurturing campaigns with a Revenue Boost Roadmap.

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What people are saying

Tyler Schiller

Warwick Schiller Performance Horsemanship

Jennifer gave us the retention strategy that our business desperately needed. Our entire customer service experience was redesigned using Jennifer’s recommendations and now our business is thriving like never before! The ideas we were given have opened up countless other doors and ways to improve our customer experience.

Pinpoint why you’re losing customers and get a plan to improve your messaging ROI

Here’s your chance to dip your toe into the warm, rewarding waters of real customer research.

We’ll talk about what’s working (or not) when it comes to converting new customers or retaining existing ones. I’ll take a look at your customer research, and then conduct my own based on your needs and goals.

With a Revenue Boost Roadmap, you’ll discover…

  • Which areas of your website, onboarding, or retention funnels are likely losing you customers, sales, trust, or all three
  • How to plug those leaks with better UX, higher-converting copy, and strategic offers
  • What tasks to prioritize as you implement my recommendations, and guidance for moving forward

Roadmaps are designed to tackle one key portion of the customer journey – namely your sales, lead generation, or retention funnel – and answer a burning revenue-related question like…

“Why are visitors landing on my website but never booking a call?”

“Why are we losing so many customers during the 60-90 day subscription window even with our mountains of rave reviews?

“What is the a-ha moment for free-trial subscribers and how do we help them see the ongoing value of a paid subscription?”

Actionable takeaways to help you create more enjoyable experiences for your customers… and measurable results for your business

You’ll receive:

Tailor-made feedback to get your messaging and funnel on the right track

The Revenue Boost Roadmap is 100% specific to your marketing and business goals. You’ll get direction on how to approach making smart copy, design, and UX changes and what to consider before you do – all of which are based on analytics and voice of customer research.

Recommendations and a course of action from the perspective of an optimizer

You’re not just getting the eyes of a messaging expert and copywriter on the page. You’re getting experts  schooled in conversion rate optimization… so every piece of advice is geared towards making it a no brainer for your ideal prospects to become customers and fans for life.

Testing ideas backed by customer research

Applying the messages your customers care most about (using their words and phrases) backed by voice of customer research is the surest way to improve conversions. I’ll walk you through places on your website or landing pages where you can make impactful changes with detailed recommendations to test.

What people are saying

Sol Orwell

What sums up the Jennifer Havice experience best is that I 
have used her services for years, and have referred over a 
dozen people to her. You only do that with people doing 
excellent work.

Jennifer brings a level of professional and detail-oriented 
work that sets her apart. She does in-depth research,
 understands the audience, and then writes copy that speaks 
to our audience (all while converting them into customers).
 Best of all, she stays on top of it all to ensure we get 
maximum returns.

Thinking this is another one of those copy “audits” every other consultant and his cousin are offering? Think again.

My resident CRO and analytics expert pulls apart the quantitative data while I tackle parsing the qualitative research.

Then, we run all our insights through our very own tested heuristic rinse cycle.

That means every recommendation will be backed by data, conscientious customer research, and years of experience working with businesses like yours.

So, there’s no guesswork or flying by the seat of our pants.

The customer research Jen’s team conducted led to some extremely valuable findings which have had an impact on many areas of our program beyond the scope of this project. Ultimately, Jen’s team delivered a new version of our program homepage that is converting at a rate 18% higher than the previous version of the page.

We’re incredibly happy with both the process and results of working with them.

Carl Pieri – Growth Marketing Manager at HubSpot for Startups saw an increase in conversions of over 60% on their homepage along with generating additional yearly membership sign-ups with the help of quantitative data, qualitative research, and optimized copy.

What’s included with a Revenue Boost Roadmap


Detailed Report

You’ll get a complete breakdown of the research conducted and key insights into your messaging, UX, and design on your website or retention campaigns.

Then, we’ll provide you with a list of strategic recommendations for changes along with ideas to test.


Video Walkthrough

To better explain all of our findings and recommendations, I’ll walk you through our report via video.

You’ll get added context for how we reached our conclusions and an easy way to share all the critical insights with your entire team.


Debrief call

Once you’ve had a chance to go through the report, we’ll hop on a conference call to answer any of your questions and discuss implementation with your team.

Want to learn more about how we can help you convert or retain more of your subscribers?