Growing a subscription business is hard enough.

Your messaging and sales copy shouldn’t make it harder.

With a Messaging Strategy Playbook, get a research-backed game plan for delivering the messages that engage, convert, and retain your customers for the long haul.

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You have the solution and a story to tell. So why are your marketing messages killing your bottom line?

Maybe this sounds familiar.

You and your team are busy (really busy.)

You’re so focused on what you’re building or ways to grow there’s no time to figure out who you’re talking to or why they care about your solution in the first place.

Even if you’ve managed to talk to your customers, getting someone on your team with the bandwidth or the chops to deliver a rock-solid plan to improve your messaging from the research may not be realistic.

So you’re left piecing together your business-critical messages with guesswork, best practices, and the last conversation Bob from sales had with a client.

Here’s the hard truth.

Your marketing collateral needs to be a unified persuasive powerhouse of assets that speaks to the right person at the right time with words that resonate.

What if your team could stop…

  • Generating marketing messages that feel canned and a little too much like your competitors.
  • Crafting boring, jargon-filled, and (if you’re being honest with yourself) entirely forgettable copy across your funnels
  • Wasting ad dollars on prospects not interested in what you’re selling
  • Losing otherwise best-fit customers to confusing onboarding and muddled messaging

And instead, they could…

  • Be dialed into who they should be marketing to (no more relying on stale, useless personas)
  • Know how to talk about your company and your offerings in a compelling and authentic way
  • Have a single reference source to rely on so they maintain consistently, on-point messaging from acquisition through retention
  • Focus more on the value your solution brings instead of the mechanics of what you do.

Because throwing different messaging against the wall every quarter to see what sticks is a recipe for distraction… and lost revenue. 

What people are saying

Briana Belisle

Vice President of Marketing at Field Nation

Jen was instrumental in a profound shift in our overall website messaging. Through her research, we learned where our messaging was missing the mark, where our users were confused and how we could better connect with all our audiences to address the pain points that brought them to our site. She worked side by side with our Digital Marketing Manager to create copy and guided iterations based on what we learned.

Jen spoke with customers, spent hours reviewing our data and surveyed our audience, all of which factored into her recommendations. After implementing her changes, all our key metrics are up across the board, including sign-ups. Our business is seeing tangible ROI thanks to our partnership with Jen, and we look forward to working with her on subsequent projects.

With a Messaging Strategy Playbook, you’ll have a go-to resource for knowing what to say and who to say it to through every step of your customer’s journey.

Here’s how the process works


Brand Story Discovery

What are your company’s core values? What makes your solution stand out? And how do you want your business to show up in the world?

We’ll work together to gain clarity on your “why” to find alignment between what your customers care most about and your story.

So every narrative across your marketing assets feels genuine.


Customer Research

The only way to know who your best-fit customers are and the messages they need to see is by talking to them.

Through targeted voice of customer research, I’ll dig deep into your prospects’ and customers’ struggles, desires, and anxieties.

Using a behavior-driven questioning model, I’ll get to the heart of why your customers seek you out, what trips their trigger, and how to keep them coming back for more.


Strategic Messaging Assessment

Now the real fun begins.

I’ll slice and dice the research then run it all through my structured Struggle to Success messaging framework.

You’ll get key insights, recommendations, and a strategic plan to help you clearly and consistently communicate the ongoing value of your subscription.

You’ll come away with a living document you can reference continually.

When we’re done, you’ll have answers to key questions about…

What features and aspects of the product do customers care most about?

What do they care least about?

And how are those features tied to the benefits of using them?

What value messaging drives your customers through the sales and marketing funnel?
Who are your ideal target audiences from a messaging perspective?

Where are the roadblocks throughout the customer journey?

How does your current messaging at critical points in the journey compare with the research findings?

How does your messaging stack up to the competition?

Are there opportunities to differentiate you from the pack?

And you’ll get…

A core end-to-end messaging strategy document you can leverage on your website, in your product messaging, in your sales presentations, emails, and all your marketing collateral.

Your playbook includes:

A feature value matrix so you have a clear hierarchy of features and their assigned benefits along with corresponding proof points to back them up

Quantified value propositions for your business and key offerings

Your company’s and/or solution’s “why” defined + how that overlaps with your best-fit customer’s needs and desired outcomes

An evaluation of your target audience/s based on their messaging needs at key points of the customer journey

Competitor messaging assessment to help you see where the gaps are, ways you can capitalize on what’s missing from your competitor’s messaging, and how to counter their claims

Specific recommendations for how to approach your messaging and copy from acquisition through retention

And, a 60-minute debrief where we talk through the findings and how to immediately start using your playbook in your marketing

What people are saying

Joel Klettke

Business Casual Copywriting and Case Study Buddy

Jen is a rare talent. She has the wisdom to understand what’s critical to learn, the experience to define the battery of research that will unearth those insights, AND the ability to transform all of those raw findings into a cohesive and actionable strategy.

I pull her in on important projects (think multi-million or billion-dollar brands) because I know, without a doubt, she will find things that completely change the game, impress the client—and be able to explain how to put everything we learned to use.”

Are you still wondering if a messaging strategy is worth it?

While every business needs to know who their best-fit customers are and what to say to them, it’s even more important for recurring revenue ones. 

Every day you’re faced with the prospect of customers leaving at the drop of a hat because they’ve found a more enticing solution, they’ve lost interest in their subscription, or they don’t see the ongoing value of what you’re offering. 

That means your messaging and copy have to do some pretty heavy lifting.

Your team shouldn’t be scrambling to figure out how to position your offering or what they need to cover in an onboarding sequence without a deep understanding of your customers.

With a Messaging Strategy Playbook, you’ll have one easy to navigate document that helps everyone stay on message and on track.

Is your messaging strategy worth it?

And you might like to know, 

You’ll be working with an expert who can do the research, distill the messages, and provide end-to-end strategic guidance.

I know more than a few things about delivering impactful insights from voice of customer research.

In fact, I literally wrote the book on it. 

Finding the Right Message has been used by copywriters and marketers around the world as the go-to guide for creating conversion-friendly copywriting from strategic customer research.

Based on years of experience working with brands large and small, I’ve developed a tried and tested framework that turns qualitative data into messaging gold.

I’ll bring that experience, framework, and attention to detail to your project so you have the right messages to acquire, convert, and retain more of your best-fit customers.

Interested in getting a handle on your messaging?

Reach out to learn more and find out if a Messaging Strategy Playbook is right for your business.