Your Website Isn’t Converting Enough Visitors Into Customers.

Isn’t it about time it did?

Customer Insights for Conversions is your blueprint to generate more leads and revenue with messaging that drives action.

You’re working hard to market your business online. Really hard.


You’re spending a crazy amount of time, energy, and money driving traffic to your website. Content marketing. Advertising. Social media. You name it. You’re doing it.


Except it’s not paying off the way, you had hoped. Visitors are coming, but they’re not converting. And you’re not sure why. Frustrated website visitors means higher bounce rates and fewer conversions.


Fewer conversions mean fewer people are saying “yes” to your offers. Without enough visitors buying into your offers, revenue suffers. And without a solution to solve your messaging and user experience problems, you’re up a proverbial creek without a paddle.

Getting insights from real, live customers is the straightest path to better marketing and copy.


Throwing words up on the page is easy. Combining ones to create messages that resonate and drive action… well, that’s a whole different story.


The only way to do that reliably involves discovering what makes your customers tick. Asking them questions and digging around online to find answers to critical questions like:


  • Why they’re buying and why they’re not
  • What they believe are the benefits of your solution… and the costs
  • Who you’re competing against and how you measure up
  • How your customers identify themselves along with what you’re selling


Because leaving your messaging and layout up to guesswork is a recipe for lost revenue and unhappy customers.


That’s why I gather feedback straight from your customers, research your target market, and then do a deep dive analysis. So you can have an in-depth understanding of who you’re talking to and what they need to hear at every stage of the customer journey.

How the Customer Insights for Conversions package works

You’ll get a detailed report with a breakdown of the research and an actionable game plan for your copy at every stage of the funnel.

Starts at $5,000

  • Competitor assessment
  • Online message mining – reviews, articles, forums
  • On-site and/or email surveys to recent customers
  • User testing (interviews if you’re deploying a new site or product)
  • Visitor recordings of heat and scroll mapping
  • Analysis and assessment of the messaging by target audience based on conducted research
  • Specific recommendations for how to approach your messaging at the key stages of your prospect’s journey to becoming a customer – from acquisition to onboarding

If you’re interested in better understanding your customers to improve conversions, connect with me today. We’ll book a call to make sure the package is the best fit for your needs.

But… does listening to your customers really pay off? saw an increase in conversions of over 60% on their home page along with generating additional yearly membership sign-ups with the help of qualitative research.

The guys over at liked my work so much they had me analyze all of their customer research to come up with a testing variation for their monthly subscription product to increase revenue.

Here’s what’s founder, Sol Orwell, had to say about working with me:

“What sums up the Jennifer Havice experience best is that I have used her services for years, and have referred over a dozen people to her. You only do that with people doing excellent work.
Jennifer brings a level of professional and detail-oriented work that sets her apart. She does in-depth research, understands the audience, and then writes copy that speaks to our audience (all while converting them into customers). Best of all, she stays on top of it all to ensure we get maximum returns.”




Sol Orwell –

Get in touch today to discuss the Customer Insights for Conversions package.

“As a startup company with a newly launched website, Jen’s insight into optimizing our site has been instrumental in helping us reach numerous goals.  Since implementing Jen’s suggestions, our conversion rates have gone up, our bounce rates have gone down, and general traffic to the site has increased.  Her insight has been a huge asset as we work towards growing our business.”

betsy o'reilly


Betsy O’Reilly – CEO of Quadjobs