You Can Drive More Sales Without Buying More Traffic

With the Conversion Copy Review get an actionable plan to improve your messaging, fix your leaky sales funnel, and turn your site into a 24/7 marketing powerhouse.

Have you been reading books and blog posts trying to figure out how to write better performing copy only to realize… you’re still lost?


Or maybe you’ve got a pretty good handle on speaking to your customers but you know it could be so much better?


You could use some expert advice customized not only to your website but to your business goals. Advice that will help you make immediate changes to your copy and layout to push the conversion needle in the right direction.


Because you’re a smart cookie. You know the experience on your site can mean the difference between visitors becoming happy, returning customers and more lost sales.

Rely on personalized advice on how you can make simple changes to improve your copy and layout

With the Conversion Copy Review you’ll benefit from…

Tailor made feedback to get your messaging on the right track

The Roadmap is 100% specific to your website and business goals. I’ll give you direction on how to approach making copy changes and what to consider before you do.

Recommendations and a course of action from the perspective of an optimizer

You’re not just getting the eyes of a copywriter on the page. You’re getting someone schooled in conversion rate optimization… so every piece of advice is geared towards making it a no brainer for your ideal prospects to become customers.

Fresh insights into how to plug the holes in your leaky sales funnel

Work with someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes creating successful customer journeys to help you identify where your visitors may be having problems and how to fix them.

Plus, you’ll get feedback from a conversion copywriter with years of tested experience working on your site without the cost of a full engagement or sitting on a waiting list for several months.

Your Conversion Copy Review includes:

  • Actionable takeaways on the priority pages in your sales funnel (up to 4) with emphasis on the copy and messaging based on my years of experience, knowledge of persuasive copywriting and heuristics. 
  • A cursory review of any qualitative research you have done, such as surveys or user testing
  • Copy options for key select items such as headlines, sub-headlines, and buttons (this is not a full rewrite of any of your pages)
  • 30 minute Skype to go over your report and answer any questions

How the process works

As soon as you book your review, you’ll receive an online questionnaire designed to help me better understand your business and website along with an invitation to set up our meeting via Uberconference.

Once I’ve gone through all of your answers, analyzed your site, and completed my report, you’ll get an email back that includes an assessment based on my experience working with websites like yours. We’ll meet online soon after that to walk through the report and answer any of your questions.

Reviews take between 7 to 10 days to complete (from the day you submit your short form answers)

Yeah, but are you really that good?

One of the top CRO pros in the world, Peep Laja, says this about me…

Peep Laja

She’s the only copywriter I’ve recommended to everyone, and the only one I fully trust to get the job done. If you want copy that sells, get Jen to write it.” 
Peep Laja – Founder of ConversionXL

Not sure if the Conversion Copy Review is right for your business?

Choose a Review when…

  • You know your copy is missing the mark but need advice on what changes will likely give you the most bang for your buck
  • You’re ready to re-launch your site and want feedback fast
  • You’re tired of too few sign-ups and too many people hitting the dreaded back button

Apply today and you’ll get a response back within 24 hours to book your review.


A limited number of reviews available each month

Danny“After a one-hour Skype call with Jen, I picked up more actionable and contextual advice for my business than in a year of reading books, articles and attending expensive marketing conferences.”

Danny Richman – Richman SEO Training