When You Listen to Your Customers, Your Copy Practically Writes Itself

Discover how to turn voice of customer research into irresistible website copy.

About the book

Imagine if you could connect with your website visitors the moment they landed on your website. They understood exactly what kind of value your product or solution provided. And they were eager to join your email list, start your free trial, or hit the buy button.

What would that mean to your business?

Jen Havice, messaging strategist and customer-driven copywriter, walks you through how to ask the right questions to learn what makes your customers tick so you can produce copy your visitors can’t resist. Filled with examples, templates, and case studies, Finding the Right Message is practical and timely. You’ll get a process for determining what messages your customers need to see and field-tested ways of improving your copy.

A few of the lessons you’ll learn:

The Six Key Elements of customer-driven messaging

What questions to ask in surveys and interviews and the ones to avoid

How to do customer research without the customers

How to analyze your voice of customer research findings and apply them directly to your copy

How to tie your features to the benefits your customers care most about

Finally, you can say goodbye to guessing which messages will turn your prospects into customers and hello to high-performing copy that practically writes itself.

What Jen Havice explains in this short book is nothing less than a degree in message mining – what messages you need to share, what words to use, and how to find them. It’s an easy read that packs a major marketing punch.

Rob Marsh – Co-Founder of The Copywriter Club

About the author: Jennifer Havice

Jen Havice is a messaging consultant and customer researcher who helps subscription model businesses determine who their best-fit customers are, what makes them tick, and how to craft irresistible copy to turn more prospects into raving fans.

Jen has consulted for both B2B and B2C growing subscription businesses, including HubSpot, Semrush, Scott’s Cheap Flights, Field Nation, and Examine.com. Her book, Finding the Right Message, continues to be the go-to resource for both copywriters and marketers interested in learning how to conduct voice of customer research to improve their messaging.

When she’s not sifting through survey responses or clarifying value propositions, you can find her chasing after two quirky wire-haired pointers and large horses.