Ask the right questions.

Listen to your customers.

Let’s turn insights into messaging gold and happy subscribers.

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What if you had a deep understanding of your customers?

You’d know why they clicked “yes” instead of “no.” 

You’d have the words they needed to see in your back pocket. 

And you could give them the experiences they yearned for at every step of the customer journey.

Something magical would happen.

  • Your customers would stop looking for the next best thing and start finding ways to become your next raving fan.
  • Revenue would go up, and that nasty little metric known as “churn” would go down.
  • And that dark pit in the bottom of your stomach keeping you up at night… well, that, my friend, would turn into a smug little ball of satisfaction.

Put a voice of customer research expert on your team who just happens to specialize in subscription businesses.

I’m Jen Havice

messaging strategist, UX Researcher, and founder of Make Mention.

I work with mission-driven subscription business owners like you to create engaging, memorable (and dare I say, human) online experiences that convert and retain more of your best-fit customers.

With my signature inquiry and analysis process, I’ll help you determine why your customers do what they do – starting from the moment they struggle to find a fix for their problem, right up to when they enjoy the sweet, sweet success of your solution.

No magic wands. Just a lot of qualitative research, hard work, and nearly a decade of experience helping brands deliver on their promises.

Jen Havice - Conversion Copywriter
What people are saying

Molly Galbraith

co-founder, Girls Gone Strong

Jen Havice has been our go-to for help with messaging and copywriting (or “human-ing” as we like to call it) for over six years. She digs deep into our audience, what they need, and how we can solve their problem — and then writes copy that speaks directly to them.

The best part? Our community feels like they’re being helped, instead of “sold to” or “marketed at.” Whether you need help with customer research, overall messaging, copywriting, or improving conversions, Jen can deliver.

She’s timely, professional, and has worked with us to ensure we’re getting a return on our investment in her work.

After years of helping businesses connect with their customers and convey their unmistakable value, I realized something…

Most of the recurring-revenue-model businesses I encountered had completely lost the plot when it came to their marketing messages.

They focused on acquiring more traffic and leads at all costs. Thoughtful messages and meaningful interactions designed to convert, retain, and nurture customers were becoming fewer and farther between.

The upshot? I knew there was a better way.

That’s why I went down the customer research rabbit hole to understand how businesses could create more enjoyable and empowering experiences for those they served.

What I found is that by asking the right questions and listening to how people make decisions, what keeps them stuck in old patterns and drives them to reach their desired outcomes, you can help them achieve their goals without sacrificing your own.

By doing so, you might just be surprised at how well your numbers start moving in the right direction.

Wondering if we’re the perfect fit?

If you’re a subscription or membership model business that…

Loves creating solutions to help people lead more meaningful lives at home or in their work

Cares deeply about investing the time to learn what your customers struggle with and how you can provide them with ongoing value

Believes how your business shows up in the world and the stories you tell can give you a competitive advantage worth the price of admission

We’ll go together like peas and carrots, peanut butter and chocolate, or Pimm’s and soda. Pick your poison.

Preferably not all at the same time.

What people are saying

Brian Stull

VP, Calcworkshop

Our site needed to tell our story, but we didn’t know how best to go about that. So after searching for weeks trying to find a copywriter who could hook me, I came across Jen and her book.

I literally couldn’t put her book down until I finished it. It was so concise and to the point that I enjoyed it better than Sugarman’s book.  I knew instantly she had to write my copy.

If you need someone to help get into the mindset of your customer so you can show them exactly why they need your product, then Jen’s your perfect match.

A few more things you might like to know… 

Jen Havice with her horse
Since 2011, I’ve helped businesses all over the world develop irresistible online copy and power-packed customer insights responsible for increasing revenue and minimizing churn.

I literally wrote the book on voice of customer research, relied upon by marketers and copywriters around the world to write more effective website copy.

When I’m not tapping away on my laptop, you’ll find me chasing after two bouncy wirehaired pointers, riding one of my horses, or running on the treadmill during the half-year that Minnesota is encrusted in ice.

Like what you see? Let’s talk about working together.