Your Messaging Matters More Than You Think

At Make Mention, we help innovative subscription businesses stand out from the competition and turn best-fit customers into happy subscribers with on-point product messaging and thoughtful UX research.

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Messaging-focused user research

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Sure, you could keep ignoring your messaging and sales copy.  

And you could…

Waste ridiculous amounts of money on ad spend for rock-bottom conversion rates.

Lose otherwise best-fit customers to confusing onboarding and muddled messaging.

Run your customer service team ragged with too many support tickets from high maintenance, low revenue customers.

Build more and more product features your prospects and customers care nothing about… and pray they make a dent in your soul-crushing churn rates.

Or, you can start marketing to the right customers, at the right time…

… with messages that deliver delightful experiences and keep them coming back for more.

Isn’t it about time you upped your game?

 At Make Mention, we work with

B2B and B2C subscription businesses just like yours to understand your best customers, diagnose the gaps in your product messaging, and craft an elegant fix for your messaging woes.

Yes, that includes SaaS.

We focus on:

Determining exactly who your target audiences are and what messages they need to see at each point during the customer journey

Defining your product positioning and clarifying your value propositions

Assessing your acquisition and retention funnels for conversion-killing copy, UX, and design

Making sure you stand out in the sea of competitive solutions with compelling copy that cuts through the noise

The end result? Higher CTRs, better lead quality, increased trial-to-paid conversions, and no more shoulda, woulda, coulda.

Make Mention are the most impressive and motivated consultants we’ve ever worked with! Our team was struggling to communicate a fairly complex offering to our audience via our program homepage. While our traffic was growing, we were seeing a decrease in conversion rates and stalled-out growth. Our goal was to make our page easier to understand and ultimately increase its conversion rate. The customer research Jen and Dustin conducted led to some extremely valuable findings which have had an impact on many areas of our program beyond the scope of this project. Ultimately, Jen and Dustin were able to deliver a new version of our program homepage that is converting at a rate 18% higher than the previous version of the page. We’re incredibly happy with both the process and results of working with the two of them.

Carl Pieri – Growth Marketing Manager, HubSpot

Jen is a rare talent. She has the wisdom to understand what’s critical to learn, the experience to define the battery of research that will unearth those insights, AND the ability to transform all of those raw findings into a cohesive and actionable strategy. I pull her in on important projects (think multi-million or billion-dollar brands) because I know, without a doubt, she will find things that completely change the game, impress the client—and be able to explain how to put everything we learned to use.

Joel Klettke – Founder, Case Study Buddy

Jen was instrumental in a profound shift in our overall website messaging. Through her research, we learned where our messaging was missing the mark, where our users were confused and how we could better connect with all our audiences to address the pain points that brought them to our site. She worked side by side with our Digital Marketing Manager to create copy and guided iterations based on what we learned. Jen spoke with customers, spent hours reviewing our data and surveyed our audience, all of which factored into her recommendations. After implementing her changes, all our key metrics are up across the board, including sign-ups. Our business is seeing tangible ROI thanks to our partnership with Jen, and we look forward to working with her on subsequent projects.

Briana Belisle – VP of Marketing, Field Nation

Let’s get a handle on your product messaging