Your Customers Are Waiting for a Reason

to Become Raving Fans

Isn’t it about time you gave them one? Grow your bottom line with persuasive copywriting that delights, engages, and converts more visitors into loyal customers.

Does this sound familiar?

You’re spending a crazy amount of time, energy, and money driving traffic to your website.

Content marketing. Advertising. Social media. You name it. You’re doing it. Except it’s not paying off the way you had hoped. Visitors are coming but they’re not converting. And you’re not sure why.

Because you don’t have a traffic problem… you have a conversion problem

It’s easy to get caught up in the never ending hype around pushing more and more traffic to your site… and hope for the best when those visitors land.

But acquisition is only one piece of the puzzle. The experience your visitors have moving through your site can mean the difference between having them become a satisfied customer and a frustrated prospect who leaves.

It’s time to start optimizing your customer’s experience instead of just throwing words on the page.

Getting your visitors to click takes more than a few clever words and some attitude. You need to know what’s going on in their heads…. and what trips their trigger.

That’s why I’m passionate about helping your customers achieve their goals on your site so you can you can achieve yours.

From optimized funnel copy to user testing, I help you connect better with your customers so you can increase conversions and sales

Choose from 3 types of services depending on your needs

Review & Strategize

Conversion Copy Review

A service package when you know your copy is missing the mark and you’re losing visitors but don’t know why

Gain Customer Insights

Customer Insights for Conversions

A qualitative research package designed to help you better understand why your customers aren’t buying and give you recommendations for changes to test.

Optimize & Test

Conversion Copywriting

A custom engagement that implements findings from one of the Customer Insights packages.

Words worth mentioning from happy clients…

“Jen is unlike any other copywriter I’ve worked with (I’ve hired many tens). Besides being a master with words, she truly understands conversion optimization and the importance of qualitative research. She does not require any micromanagement – she is proactive, and a perfectionist. The first draft you get back from her is already fantastic. She’s the only copywriter I’ve recommended to everyone, and the only one I fully trust to get the job done. If you want copy that sells, get Jen to write it.”

Peep Laja, Founder ConversionXL

betsy o'reilly“As a startup company with a newly launched website, Jen’s insight into optimizing our site has been instrumental in helping us reach numerous goals.  Since implementing Jen’s suggestions, our conversion rates have gone up, our bounce rates have gone down, and general traffic to the site has increased.  Her insight has been a huge asset as we work towards growing our business.”

Betsy O’Reilly – CEO of Quadjobs

Isn’t it about time someone took the guesswork out of turning your visitors into customers?

I thought you’d say yes.

Take a minute to answer a few questions and you’ll find out the best way for us to work together.

Meet Jen 

Helping subscription model businesses deliver conversion friendly experiences on their landing pages and websites

Jen is an online copywriter who just happens to be obsessed with conversion rate optimization. She believes data driven marketing combined with a brand’s personality can make copywriting magic. She lives and works in the Twin Cities or as she affectionately likes to call it, the land of 10,000 hot dishes.

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Jen Havice

Optimizer, Growth Marketer, Certified Conversion Copywriter, and Head Honcho at Make Mention